Ultimate Direction Fast Pack 20 Review


UD Fast Pack 20

If you are a fan of multiple pockets for all your essentials this is a good, large capacity trail vest.

It’s taken me a while to get used to this pack, and I’ll confess to not being a great fan of ultra running ‘Vests’ type sacs, but this one is a lot more than that as it has a significantly sized main compartment giving good flexibility of use.

So, after a few decades of using a traditional sac with shoulder straps, waist and chest strap, it’s taken a while to get out of the habit of reaching for the waist strap or zip pocket pullers to tight the load or access on trail goodies.

However, this is a very good sac, especially if you like the vest type fitting, and high mounted bottle / stash pockets. The sac is very well designed with a keen eye to pocket detail and arrangement, and with a good compression system.

I’ve also used the sac on my bike commute, around town as a general ‘man bag’ and it works OK. The back panel is stiff enough to hold the sac shape well, and gives a nice touch of protection for a small lap top. The large outside full frontal stretch stuff pocket swallows over flow stuff, even large maps.

The compression system seems to work really well; both in terms of reducing sac capacity, and holding the sac close to your body.

The roll top ‘drybag’ closure is effective in that it seals well and reduces volume but it is not a waterproof sac (none really are) as there is a hydration port high between the shoulder straps.

Ok …not my colour; nice mid-bottle green but when trimmed with yellow it’s a bit new weird.

If you like it, the colour and fit suits you; buy one.

Review by Joe Faulkner Nav4 Adventure


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