Getting fit outdoors


You’ve landed on this page because you’re wanting to mix your workouts up to aid progression OR you simply just want to appreciate the outdoors more. Mixing your workouts up is always a good idea. Your body gets used to routines pretty easily but if you want to progress you will have to continually mix things up. You might just want to enjoy the fresh air and luckily for you there’s plenty of exercises and activities you can do outside.

If you, unfortunately, work behind a desk all day you’re not going to have much time to get outside if you go to the GYM. By the time you finish your 5:00 job, go to the gym and then head home for dinner it will already be around 8:00. Perhaps you would prefer to just go straight home, make dinner and then head outside.


Ugh Walking. How boring. Well walking can actually be really beneficial for you. It’s easy on the joints and doesn’t require any equipment.

I bet you didn’t know that walking for 30 minutes just five times a week can help keep chronic diseases away? Yup your blood pressure will likely go down and your risk of heart disease and diabetes will also lower.

Consider walking the kids to school or walking the dogs at night to make things easier.

Sound daunting? The trick is to incorporate walking into your daily life and break the time into several manageable spurts. Consider walking the kids to school or the bus stop in the morning, hoofing it to pick up a bag of groceries or run errands at lunchtime, and walking the dog or taking a stroll after dinner each evening.


Jogging is really beneficial for your heart and lungs. If you’re looking to lose some body weight then jogging is a perfect solution if you want to burn calories.

Jogging puts a lot of stress on the joints though. So please be cautious if you have bad knees, ankles and hips.

Start off slowly, don’t rush things. Do not push your limits too hard at the beginning.


This one is my personal favorite.

Not only is bicycling an excellent cardiovascular exercise, but you can really explore your community by cycling to different neighborhoods or in parks, bike paths, or trails. Many people cycle to commute to work.

While running tends to target the hamstrings (the muscles in the back of your thighs), cycling uses the quadriceps (the muscles on the front of the thighs) more.

It’s important to make sure your bike is fitted properly to your body; otherwise, you’ll put too much stress on your back or knees.

“I recommend finding a bike shop or a demo program where you can try a bike out,” says Tonya Laffey, a professional mountain biker and founder of MTB Chick Racing. “I would highly recommend getting a fit kit, which measures you for the bike.”


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